Team building Seafari boat challenge, Arrabida, Lisbon

30 KM from Lisbon city is the most amazing natural park of Arrabida, a place of mountains and beaches, wildlife and nature and a park perfect for adventurous team building and group celebration activities for all ages, exciting and challenging or peaceful and relaxing.

The Seafari boat challenge is an activity best suited for medium to large groups of divers ages and interests.

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Objective: The main objective of the teams will be to overcome multiple unexpected water challenges. Taking place in the wild beaches of the Marine Park Teacher Luis Saldanha, this is a very fun activity that will allow the group to know our coastline and its unique beauty.
Implementation: Each team can have a map of the coastline where the objectives are marked, some in water and other on land. To reach the objectives each team has at its disposal a speedboat with skipper which will have to guide to each of the points, however some of these will have to be reached through:
– Snorkeling
– Coasteering
When accomplished successfully it will give the team the necessary points to win.

Note, this activity is great for teams made up of a large range of ages and types as the members will each have a role as part of the group and only some will be expected to take part in the psychical activities.

Team Building – Seafari Boat Challenge
Meeting and Briefing Activity
The group meeting will be held at the our store in Sesimbra’s Harbour, followed by:
General Briefing action
Formation of the work teams
Equipment Distribution (Neoprene suits and life jackets)
Distribution the supporting documentation
Boarding in semi-rigid boats

Download the brochure.

It will then be necessary at the start of the race teams define their strategy to reach them all in the shortest time possible.
This is a challenge framed in a unique landscape designed for your group … just tell them to bring comfortable clothes and bathing
suit, and surprise them with an exciting day.

This activity lasts roughly 4 hours but it can be fully customized!

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