Team building – group activity Bush Craft, Sintra, Lisbon

Bush craft Team building Lisbon

The Sintra Cascais natural park is roughly 30 KM from Lisbon Center. A mountainous densely vegetated area of incredible beauty bordered by the west coast, the popular beach town of Cascais and the UNESCO world heritage town of Sintra. It creates a perfect natural haven that lends itself well for remote and rural activities just a stone drop away from the busy metropolitan area of Lisbon.

Concept of Team building – group activity Bush Craft, Sintra, Lisbon

This team building activity is based on Bushcraft. It encompasses a range of techniques and survival skills, adaptation and action in the environment that was once part of the past and human tradition in many cultures, but has been forgotten by most that lack its practice.

Mostly because they are no longer part of our modern society and are considered unnecessary. We actions of things as simple as knowing how to make a fire without matches or lighters, knowing how to build a shelter from rain or sun, build a raft or make basket with natural fibers.
The location of the mountain setting chosen gives us the framework and environment perfect for performing this action.

The Target Audience

Business and event groups in the spirit of adventure that are looking for a team­building with different characteristics from the usual. Difficulty level is easy.


2:30 to 3:30 hours (this can be adapted to a shorter version)


The activity begins with a brief introduction of the concept of Bushcraft and an explanation of the methods used.

The participants will be presented with challenges that will test their survivability:

→ Making a fire;

→ Building a shelter;

→ Identify edible plants;

→ Transport of an injured team member;

→ bush kitchen (only for small groups).

The group will perform a short walk, more or less depending on the location used to the place around which the action will take place.

The teams are formed and equipped with your survival kit, a backpack with:
→ bush knife; Fire­Steel; Inox container; Canteen; Bandana; Sisal.

The challenges presented involve multiple tasks that in turn require some knowledge, so the teams will be divided in order to receive specific training to carry out each task. The training will be given by guides that later accompany the teams in the tasks.

This activity takes place in Sintra ­Cascais Natural park 28.1KM from Lisbon Centre 30 minutes drive and 4KM from Cascais centre.

Price per person €45 including materials and equipment, insurance and tax.

This activity can be customized to your group size and interests!

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