Team building – group activity City Challenge, Lisbon

City Challenge Team building Lisbon

Here is a program that will take the participants to live an integrated experience of a typical modern Lisbon. The action takes place in an urban environment, leading the participants to go through a historic area (Lisbon), leaving the area and route to be defined, and the Road­Book developed due to the location indicated by the customer. Possible to include segway, tuk­tuk or electric bike to perform part of the journey.

Target Audience

Business groups from various academic levels, all ages. Particularly relevant to foreign groups as it acts as an active visit in Lisbon. Road­Books to Lisbon in Portuguese, English and French.
Possible to implement for different group sizes. A good solution for large groups.

Duration: 2:30 hours.

Based on teams, the purpose of the CITY CHALLENGE is simple, get to the destination with the highest number of points gathered! The achievement of the objective presents some challenges, both intermediate points as the destination is unknown, having to be solved from information and provided clues.

The game will be based on a road­Book consisting of several puzzles and questions that must be answered in order to identify key locations corresponding to historical landmarks, architectural, cultural, etc … For each identified and visited site score is assigned .

The teams will have the following logistical resources:

→ 1 Segway per participant or tuk tuks

→ 1 Road­Book per team

→ 1 map per team

4 to 6 teams are created.

The Road­Book can be customized to include questions relating to the reality of the client company.


Based on teams, the goal of the CITY CHALLENGE is simple, complete the route with the highest number of points by answering riddles and questions, as well as successfully completing tasks.

This game is based on a Road­Book, that consists of several riddles and questions that must be answered in order to identify key locations.

After receiving the Road­Book, participants will follow a route on foot, for a constant discovery of not only cultural but also historical sites, always with a playful approach …

Achieving the goal presents some challenges, both intermediate points as the destinations are unknown, having to be “decoded” from information and clues provided.

Along the way we will challenge the team on some tasks, for example, to find a specific place where they have to compose a specific scenario and take a photo.
The program is enriched with the inclusion of a special moment, a tasting of Ginginha (liqueur) and Pastéis de Nata (custard pie).
We can include additional Team Challenges, so we take group interaction to a higher level.
Prices start at €27 person depending on group size and customizations not included

Indication of prizes

ANIMATION PROGRAM 26 a 30 Pax / 31 a 35 Pax

Standard Pack  € 29,50 / Pax € 27,00 / Pax
Team Challenges pack  € 38,00 / Pax € 35,25 / Pax

Blind Wine Tasting € 248,00 / group
Segway Gymcana € 140,00 / group
Actors € 250,00 / group
Fado Singer € 200,00 / group
Fado Trio € 400,00 / group

Notes: To the values shown exclude 23% VAT.

The city challenge is a half day activity, please fill in the form for a quote and customized proposal!

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