Team building games, Madeira

Team building games Madeira

Through a set of tasks, Team Building promotes the development of group and team spirit through communication. The objectives are to bring down barriers and boundaries and lead participants to cooperate and help in the pursuit of global and common objectives. These activities also help to identify and develop leadership, putting to test the decision-making ability and motivation. The success of companies and their competitiveness are directly linked to the capacity of its human resources to put in practice knowledge and commitment. Activities are chosen according to the proposed objectives and prepared according to the characteristics of the group. As its name suggests, “Team-Building” requires working together around a predefined goal. In this activity, various games and challenges may be placed on the terrain and all in all the concept of “team” will be tested to the limit.

Some of the activities:

Circle – A team member must enter a circle to retrieve some pieces of a puzzle, but cannot touch the floor. It is important for the whole team to work together and define the best strategy. Time ends when the puzzle is complete.

Ladder game – The team must build a rope and wood ladder. Once built, one of the elements will climb the stairs to get a bonus card. The team to accomplish the activity in the shortest possible time wins.

Slide (bomb drop) – Each element descends blindfolded into the zip line carrying a balloon full of water, which should be released at the right time whilst orientated by the team.

Web – The whole team has to cross through the Web but none can pass through the same hole and cannot allow the bell that is stuck to the web to ring. Once again teamwork is critical … the team that surpasses it in the shortest time and with the least amount of penalties wins.

Trapezium – On a steel cable setup 30 cm above ground level, each element of the team shall pass to the other side blindfolded and one at a time with the help of the remaining team.

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