Team building – group activity 4X4 jeep challenge, Sintra, Lisbon

Location: Sintra Natural park

After many years of success in the Arrabida Natural park 30KM South of Lisbon, this team building activity is now also available in Sintra.

Teams compete with each other in this exciting cross ountry challenge using 4×4 jeeps with professional drivers.

This activity, on which team will have to navigate trough woods, valleys and difficult tracks. With a compass and a map, the teams will have to find all the check points in the least time possible.
During the activity, they may also find several challenges. Each team will find some puzzles that have to solve together, and three extra challenges (dynamic group games). A race where time management, teamwork and strategy adopted makes all the difference. Their are 3 jeep challenges available Jeep challenge Silver, Jeep challenge gold and Jeep challenge platinum. Please read the pdf brochures. Prices start at €38 per participant, customized solutions possible.



The 4×4 jeep challenge is characterized by being a sport that allows a great contact with nature and where competition is combined with leisure.

The 4×4 jeep challenge in Sintra starts with a Meeting and Briefing Activity
The group meeting will be held close to Sintra, followed by:
General Briefing
Formation of the work teams
Distribution the supporting documentation

Along the way the teams will find some additional challenges such as enigmas, puzzles and group dynamics games. The result of these challenges will determine the final results!

This activity lasts roughly 4 hours but it can be fully customized!

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