The prospect of team building in Portugal after COVID

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In an earlier article we wrote about the expectations of travel after Covid. predictions for travel after Covid
In this article I would like to imagine teams getting back to real meetings out of the home office easing back into real life once covid dies down.

A return to the hope for normal

It’s very unlikely that large group gatherings will return anytime soon. But when they do, restrictions will stay in place for quite some time to come.
Lockdowns have gone on beyond all expectations. Currently there is no light to be seen at the end of the travel crisis tunnel. However, with the start of vaccinations and the end of the second wave, a slightly more positive vibe can be felt.

What will the return of physical meetings mean for team building?

Working from home has been the reality of many people for almost a year exactly at the time of writing. Though many have gotten used to it, nothing is as valuable as real life interaction with your frineds, family and colleages.

As meetings start to return there will be a need for people, who have worked for a long time together virtually, to acquaint or reacquaint in real life. As Covid eases and its dangers subside, activities together will once again regain popularity.

Safety up front

Obviously, after all that has happened, safety will be the main consideration when it comes to activities. Now not only the threat of accidents but safety from disease will be a leading aspect for any group engaging with each other.

Group activities in enclosed spaces are likely to take years before they will once again be popular.

Outdoor fresh air activities away from the cities are likely to be the first to return to team-building curriculum, followed by outdoor activities in cities as times settle down.

Activities which include people cramped together in small spaces are likely to be the last activities to return

Larger groups are likely to be split into smaller groups were distancing while socializing will be key.

Outdoor activities are likely to grow in popularity and virtual presence are likely to coincide with physical presence.

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