Team building – MTB build a bike and race in a slow race, Sesimbra, Arrabida

bike making race Team building Arrabida, Lisbon

30 KM from Lisbon city is the most amazing natural park of Arrabida, a place of mountains and beaches, wildlife and nature and a park perfect for adventurous team building and group celebration activities for all ages, exciting and challenging or peaceful and relaxing.

The main goal of this activity is for teams to compete on a final Slow MTB race. For that, they will have to work hard through numerous challenges, in order to be able to obtain all the parts and put their bike together. They will start with a small capital, that they will have to invest and build upon, eventually taking loans… A great challenge!

This activity lasts 1/2 a day and can be combined with other activities in the Arrabida Natural Park.

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