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Creating team buildings for fun, excitement, team bonding, and communication in Portugal is our expertise.

team building is an important part of creating better communications and more productive teams and a great way to break your meetings and let your team members have fun with each other while getting to experience Portugal in all its aspects.
They can be used to better communication, to help define roles of team members, to solve problems and issues within teams, and to align teams around goals.

The types of team buildings possible in Portugal are diverse and many and to determine which is best for your company or event an understanding of your team and needs should be determined.

Goals of team building

Setting goals – Team members initiate action planning to determine and achieve goals, this type of team building heightens the ability of the team members to set and achieve goals in a collaborative manner which increases ownership of the teams over problems and helps heighten motivation of teams

Role clarification – These type of team building concentrate on the different roles team members have within the team. This helps strengthen the sense of interdependence each team member has as an integral part of the team and the teams success.

Problem solving – These team buildings help team members to discover major problems within their team and to work towards legitimate solutions

Relationship – Teams with motivated members who understand better their team members can help avoid interpersonal conflicts and work better together. Mutual trust and open communication will better any teams ability to success.

Types of Team building

The type of team building in Portugal you will choose for your group will depend on various factors

1.The goal(s) of your team building
2. The location in Portugal
3. The age group of your team
4. Your teams composition
5. Your preferences

Other factors that may influence your choice could be company policies, company goals, problems within your teams or simply to get team members to know each better.

Read on below or check some of our most popular team buildings

Examples of team building possibilities in Portugal with Go Discover Portugal

Sport team buildings

Portugal is a country with a great natural reserve. It has mountains, a long coastline, inland lakes, rivers, rural natural and park surroundings. It is a country with a very large offer of radical and less radical sports.

Therefore activities like Jeep challenges, beach games, orienteering, bushcraft, pirate boat challenges, team sky dive, Olympic sports and sailing regattas are popular.

Sport challenges are fun

These team buildings work well to aid communication between team members in a fun and challenging environment. They require stamina, problem solving and may enhance team member roles. They also offer a unique opportunity to get to know at least some of the impressing landscapes and natural heritage of Portugal, many not far from the main cities and easily reachable.

Read on below or check some thematic team buildings

CSR Team building in Portugal  

Cultural team buildings

When it comes to culture, Portugal has a big offer. With it’s history dating back to 1248, it has an impressive display of monuments, its own music called Fado, unique cuisine and excellent wine. All of these aspects create the possibility for team building that will leave your team with knowledge about the Portuguese culture or certain aspects of it.

Food, wine, music and history

Cultural team buildings are accessible to any age group interested in food, wine or history. They can be purely informative but may also contain challenges that require team effort.
Some examples of these can be treasure hunts throughout the cities or towns recognizing places of interest or monuments.
Wine challenges in which teams are asked to taste wines without labels and determine regions, quality and production methods. The trick wine is a cheap table wine or a wine which does not come from Portugal.
Cooking challenges in which Portuguese dishes are prepared by teams with a time limit or master chef style.

Check some

BOSE team buiding, Know your wine! 2017 Team building cooking experiences, Lisbon
Team building challenge, Know Your Wine! Team building cooking challenge!

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Role playing team buildings

Role playing team buildings can encourage communication but also help practice roles set out by your organization. They may help sales people practice their pitch or help team members understand better their roles and function within the team. They can also aid team members understand better the roles of the other team members,

There is a scope of team building available to achieve the goals of these team buildings some of which include film team building in  teams creating short films, advertisements or documentaries in which each team member is presented with a role. Belbin practices may be interesting to your organization to aid team members in fully understanding their contribution to the team.
These team buildings can consist of acting sessions where actors play out roles and team are required to react. For instance, an actor may play out the part of a customer, a worker or a manager, the team will be asked to respond to the questions raised. Team members may exchange positions with the actors.

Some examples

film team building by Go Discover Portugal Outdoor Murder Mystery TV and film team building workshops Portugal
Film team building Murder mystery Advertisement team building

Intuitive team buildings

Even though all our team buildings have an intuitive aspect some will concentrate more on intuition and natural development than others. These team buildings aim to take people out of their comfort zones and put them in situations where team members rely on other strongly to achieve a task. Being in a more vulnerable surroundings team members assume more natural roles, goals, and task assignments. This knowledge and understanding can then be applied more easily back in the office.

Examples of these Team buildings in Portugal include Bush craft (survival style), Orienteering, Farm day, and charity team buildings.
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Equine Assisted training, Portuga CSR Team building in Portugal Bush craft Team building Lisbon
Sustainable farming Team Building CSR social responsibility charity and eco team building bush craft  survival team buildings

GO Discover Portugal works with professionals from various backgrounds to create bespoke team buildings anywhere in Portugal mainland or the Islands. We are the number one choice for many corporations visiting Portugal and Spain and provide services for any event. Didn’t find perfect team building suggestion? Don’t worry our team will work together with you at no extra cost to create one to fit your needs!

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