Team building – The Evora challenge, discover history, food, wine and fun!

Evora Team building Challenge

Evora is a city of ages, one of the oldest and one of the youngest in Portugal. With a history reaching back over 4000 years many cultures have lived on its grounds, having left their marks in the buildings, the streets, even the views some of the marks mysterious and hard to decipher.
The younger generation studies at its famous university creating modern initiatives. The Alentejo ambience found in its food, its wines and its friendly hospitality, the views and immense history. Evora is a place where the past meets the future!

This team building takes your groups through Evora in an exciting discovery of the past, the future accompanied by the produce that feeds,  the waters they need and innovation! and fun!

This small city is best crossed by foot, there is not much climbing involved but the roads are ancient and the best spots cannot be seen in any other way, within 1o00 sq meters this town will learn your teams,  many secrets.

Feedback on this challenge

Google in Evora – corporate travel “The team really enjoyed the challenges. It was the perfect mix of history, culture and fun! The wine tasting was a nice touch as well. I have to say I was very nervous going into the event as I didn’t know what to expect and I was very impressed.”

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