Teatro Capitolio venue – 100 years of Art Deco in Lisbon

After 30 years of closure the Cineteatro Capitolio was restored and opened for events.
The building was built in 1931 and it was the first example of modernist Portuguese architecture and it was recognised as a building of public interest since 1983.

A cultural city venue

Capitolio is widely recognised as a cultural city venue and has a place in the arts of Lisbon and is used as a multi faceted space.

Drawing on its unique and singular architecture, both in terms of its façade and interior, the theatre is suited to highly diverse show formats and events, particularly the versatility of the stage and the terrace, which permit the crossover of different art forms and a programme perfectly suited to the technical characteristics and capacity of the venue.

Venue space & capacity

▫ 430 m2
▫Natural light or total blackout
▫Orchestra Pit
▫Elevating platform (stage) in the middle of
the venue.
▫Resident sound and light material
▫Sound limiter – 98 DBs
▫Operating hours:
8.00 – 01.00

Layouts and Capacity
▫250 people – covid pandemic (seated)
▫1000 people – standing audience
▫400 people – seated audience with or without
▫300 people – round tables
▫250 people – arena

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