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The best team building activities in Portugal 2020

Note* This article is still largely relevant but please also check our updated 21/22 article
Team building 2021/2022 >>

Go Discover Portugal is possibly best known for its diverse and immense offer of team building activities, We organize these all over mainland Portugal and the Islands.
With our 30 years of corporate experience we can provide the best and most suitable activities for your team based on location and personal preference. Consequently we provide boxed solutions as well as tailor made solutions to suit any group or situation.
Please contact us for a fully fitted proposal and get to know some of our activities below!

As a result our most popular team buildings for 2020!

In the first place let’s talk about activities that are organized anywhere in Portugal

Some activities are location dependent whereas others are organized anywhere or in many places in Portugal. Below you can read a brief description of possibilities.

The best team building activities in Portugal 2020

Lets start with the most popular team buildings namely the city and country challenges

Here is why you should organize your next team event in Portugal…
Because it is a wonderful country!
Therefore we can present you with impressive, ancient cities, a perfect climate and immense, diverse nature.
When your group visits our wonderful country take the opportunity to discover part of Portugal.

The city and country challenges are a fun way to allow team members to unwind.
But the emphasis is on communication and collaboration in these team buildings.
Alternatively our custom build challenges are among the most popular team buildings we provide.

Cultural team buildings that are typically Portuguese!

Challenges throughout a location are a great way to get a location but another very nice way to team build is to immerse your groups into something typically Portuguese.
Go Discover Portugal provides cultural activities all over Portugal based on typically Portuguese matters yet the activities can change depending on location and local traditions.
Some of the more popular ones concentrate on Portuguese wines, food and music and although educative, the activities are fun and concentrated on building teams.

Sport team building

Team building - Beach games PortoAdditionally sport team building can show your groups things about Portugal they may not have known! Whether you choose to challenge your team in a 4×4 challenge, a rafting session, games on the beach, or a city sailing regatta. Each activity will show you Portugal from an adventurers viewpoint that will leave a lasting impression.

Our newest team building activities in Portugal for 2020

Lisbon Elevation challenge

Because Lisbon is a mountains city, you will find many tourists climbing up and down the steep hills tirelessly or exhausted. Surprisingly you will see few locals doing the same however this does not mean they don’t go out.
In contrast to most of the tourists visiting the city, they know a secret about Lisbon and it is the secret of elevation. As a result they travel through the city with ease and speed effortlessly.
The purpose of this team building requires your teams to discover the secret of  effortless travel in the typical Lisbon style to see and cherish its best parts with ease!

Team buildings for any location

Create art in teams

Go Discover graffity group Team building

Beach games

Go Discover Beach Team building

Nature recognition challenge

Go Discover nature recognition Team building

Product development challenge

Go Discover Product development Team building

Scents, sounds and sights

Go Discover the 3 senses Team building

Remove the rubbish!

Go Discover beach cleaning Team building

Our unique team buildings in Lisbon!

Lisbon lifts challenge

Lisbon Elevation Challenge

Best team building we provide close to Lisbon!

Team building that is unique to Porto!

Rabelo boat challenge

Rabelo boat porto

Port wine challenge

Port wine challenge porto

Team building close to Porto!


White water Rafting


Canyoning Challenge

Skydive manager

Skydive manager

For a personalized quote contact us!

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