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The knights Templar have inspired many childhoods with fantasies of knighthood, white horses and brave men that rode the land, in armour, on tall horses to save the fair maidens from harm. History has exposed some of their darker secrets but the knightly legend remains strong and continues to titillate our fantasies. In Portugal the knights Templar had their headquarters in Tomar and their castle stands magnificently as world heritage overlooking the lovely town below.
Many people visit ‘Tomar’ every year throughout the entire year to visit it’s amazing Unesco world heritage building the Convent of Christ , it’s awe inspiring beauty and history, it’s mystical Templar knights past and it’s pure architectural magnificence have all contributed to it’s well deserved addition to Unesco list of world heritage.

The old city of Tomar is the medieval past away from the castle where the knights walked, socialized, bought their goods, conversed with the people, met their wives, baptised their children and buried their dead. Tomar managed to stay an important city even after the Templar’s diminished and the city has much to show and reveal about Portuguese history.
The city of Tomar was as much part of the castle as the castle was a part of the city and the misty , mossy atmosphere that surrounds it.
It is a city alive with history, tradition, gastronomy, wine and architecture. A beautiful and serene remembrance of the rich, cultural past of Portugal and it’s emergence into modern society!

Go Discover the Templars tour gives you historical background seen from the eyes of a Templar knight as he moved in society. It shows the lovely town where he would most likely have spent as much time as in the castle, You will eat his food, drink his drinks and walk the paths he could have walked through the lovely medieval streets of Tomar. On the way you will be explained the many symbols that have inspired many novels, art and films in the last century but where placed on the buildings many centuries ago. You’ll end the tour in a typical tavern serving interesting ‘old style’ snacks and drinks from chocolate cups!
Go Discover the Templars of Tomar tour is a fun and interesting way to combine and discover Tomar’s medieval history and combine it with the gastronomy of this period!
The castle didn’t exist without the lovely town below and the town should be visited to understand better the castles culturally important past!

The tour starts at the castle and walks it’s way down the short hill and through the castles magnificent gardens into the town, where you will start with a medieval snack and a drink of your choice and an introduction to the life in medieval Tomar.
You will than be led through the little street of Tomar to visit it’s most interesting points and view it’s architecture, a friendly guide will explain to you the life of the Templars and the history of Tomar based on the remaining evidence. You will view the temple where the knights where buried and you can choose to end this wonderful experience with a delicious medieval meal set in one of the nicest medieval restaurants of Tomar! after dinner you will know this city and it’s ancient secrets well enough to dream it’s past!

The basic tour costs 40 euro per person and includes a typical Tomar pastry and coffee or beverage, one drink accompanied by a selection of petiscos (Portuguese Tapas)
If you would like to include lunch or dinner the price is 60 Euro per person and if you choose to travel by TucTuc rather than on foot 80 Euro
All participants will take home a nice surprise remembrance of the tour!
children take part with a 30% discount
The tour takes roughly 2 hours excluding lunch or dinner.
Minimum participants required are 4. Book on time!

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