Top 10 reasons to have your team meetings and events in rural Portugal

Why rural Portugal?

The most undiscovered places are often the most surprising. Portugal is a country of many landscapes, climates, and histories, and its vast countryside holds many unique experiences perfect for lasting memories of the most notable events.

Top 20 reasons to consider holding your event out of the cities

1. Costs

As Portugal’s main cities have become the trendiest places in Europe for meetings and events, costs have risen enormously stretching many budgets to the max, getting out of the cities tends to lower the expenses leaving budget for more exciting activities

2. Availability

with the enormous rise in tourism since the end of covid finding the ideal location for your groups can be challenging specifically in certain periods, moving your events slightly away from the cities may create the possibilities for your events even in busy seasons

3. Unique events

Portugal has so much on offer from mountain escapes to beaches, castles, monasteries, forests, and rivers all within a short distance from the main airports

4. Team spirit

Being together in a remote place can really bond people in a strong way

5. Fresh air, clean water, nature

What is better than swapping the office environment for a few days in nature?

6. Perfect infrastructures

Portugal has one of the best highway networks in Europe. Traveling to remote areas from one of the 3 main airports is not difficult or time-consuming in most cases. Highways tend to be quiet and well connected.

7. Memorable activities

Portugal has many leisure outdoor and indoor activities for every age group and interest. Be it sport, culture, gastronomy, and wine, or a mix of the previous. Portugal has something to fit every interest and pocket

8. CSR giving back to local communities

Being out of the city gives a perfect opportunity for sustainable travel in which your stay advances the local community, providing jobs and small businesses with the opportunity to share and grow

9. Emerging in local culture

The best way to get to really experience a country is by going to areas that have not been overrun by tourism and partake in the local life, habits, and traditions.

10. Escaping the crowds

Between traffic jams and tourist hordes, getting away from the main tourism areas its the best way to guarantee quality time together

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