Torel Avantgarde, 5 star, Porto

Location: Porto historical center

Torel 5 star boutique hotel, Porto

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About Torel Avantgarde, 5 star, Porto

Torel Avantgarde is a brand-new, five-star boutique hotel in Porto – opened in early September 2017. The concept of Avantgarde for our hotel is based on the building, which originates from the Estado-Novo period, i.e. the 1940s. Like avant-garde artists, we wanted to create something completely new. Our vision was to establish a place where art is not only an add-on, but takes centre stage in every way.

The result is Torel Avantgarde, where you can fully immerse yourself into art, absorbing it in all its expressions. It is a space to live art, to touch art, and to feel the heart and passion of the artist.

Be part of the art

The Torel Avantgarde is a place where Art is lived in full, stimulating all the senses. We want you to look, feel and breathe art in the various spaces of the hotel: at the reception, in the flower room, at the Digby restaurant, at the Balsamea spa and, of course, in all our rooms.

We have sought inspiration from avant-garde artists of exception, from the world of plastic arts, literature, science, music, architecture and design, such as Francis Bacon, Charles & Ray, Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, Nina Simone and Alberto Giacometti. The 47 rooms have a tailor-made décor, based on the imagination of each artist and imparting their unique spirit and vision.

To fulfill this ambition, we turn to renowned Portuguese artists, artisans and interior designers. We celebrate Portugal, highlighting national knowledge and talent. Together, we have created something bigger than ourselves: a vibrant place that highlights the creativity and ingenuity of the great names of Art and Design.

We worked with four Portuguese artists – all from Porto – in the creation of this exciting space: Jorge Curval, Frederico Draw, Daniel Eime and Paulo Neves. Their art is an integral part of the hotel – from the outside space to the reception, the restaurant and the rooms. In addition, the Torel Avantgarde presents the works of Portuguese artists through exhibitions.

Interior designer Isabel Sá Nogueira was responsible for the decoration project of this boutique hotel. She was in charge of the common areas, where the designer brought together the best of Portugal, combining art and modern design with some provocative notes. The collective Nano Design – from Porto – was responsible for the decoration of the 47 individual rooms.

Immerse yourself in the art, tast high-level Portuguese cuisine in our restaurant Digby or relax on our terrace with a breathtaking view of the Douro towards Gaia.

Torel Avantgarde is THE location for your wedding, company meeting, get together with friends or any other event. We can also make your event happen in collaboration with the Casa do Vinho Verde, which is directly adjacent to our hotel.


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