Torreão restaurant and event venue, Porto

Location: Oporto center

Torreão restaurant and event venue, Porto

Torreão restaurant and events venue is a unique classical building in the center of Porto with one of the best views in Porto and a very unique concept.

Torreão restaurant social responsibility in Porto

As a private organization founded by Dr. João Rebello de Carvalho, It functions as a center for people in need during the day. Providing meals and services to homeless people, aging people and children.
The project “Giving Life a Purpose” is dedicated to the social inclusion of homeless and socially
excluded people. It provides education, training in hotel and restaurant work, and the life skills
necessary to reentering the job market. Hundreds of students have completed dual-certification
courses for Kitchen Assistant, Waiter/Waitress and Hotel Housekeeper, and seven pre￾professional courses in Baking and Pastry. In addition to regular classes, students gain work
experience in the events we cater, both in our facilities and at other venues. This service started
in 2012.

Torreão culinary luxury restaurant in Porto

The Torreão restaurant was acquired by the organization in 2012. This luxury restaurant serves traditional Portuguese  food with a modern culinary touch. The wines are acquired from small wine estates in the Porto district and much attention is given to detail!

The Torreão has various event rooms available for small to large events, meetings, dinners, gala or parties.

For information please call 00351 938328865 or use the form below.

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