Traditional tile painting workshops, team building and group events, Porto

Location: Porto city, Ribeira

Tile painting workshops, Porto

Enjoy a different day, breaking with the routine, in a creative, relaxing environment, using ceramics as an instrument of expression, communication and fun.

Events for companies, tours and groups.
This is A unique opportunity to share ideas, experiences and imagination; fostering more personal ties. We promote “team-building” using creative playgrounds.

Hand painted tiles have decorated the centuries of Porto and Portugal and its facades and interiors are full of precious gems, historical scenes, decorative memories when tiles where a common way to protect walls and decorate them with clay baked and painted with scenes that always had a relevance to important aspect of the buildings and families they served.

Painting tiles is a very pleasant and rewarding activity and in these workshops you will find a peaceful and collaborative atmosphere making them perfect for team building, group events and relaxing cooperations. At the end of the workshop after the baking of the tiles you will take them home with you as a memory of the event.

We propose the following workshops:

– creating a group Mural;

– Tile painting;

– Blind modeling: through touch;

– Molding techniques to develop fine motor skills in groups with

– Molding of clay;

– Utility ceramics.

Where: Santa Maria da Feira / Porto close to the central Ribeira district

Duration: 90 minutes

Prices depend on group size and are available on request.


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