Amusing 1930s Vintage Tram Tours For Private Rental, Porto

Location: Porto city

Vintage tram tours Porto

Tram tours are an amusing activity in both Porto and Lisbon. The trams still operating as public transport go back to the 1930s when they became the first electric transport in both cities. 

The private tours are an original way to see the higher parts of Porto city and some of its main monuments along its path.

Come and travel in time on board of historic electric cars!
The Electric Car Museum has a set of vehicles which it rents for tours through different routes of the city.
From short trips on the seafront to the big circuit which runs through the main commercial arteries of the city of Porto,
the tram trips allow you to enjoy moments unforgettable through the history and architectural beauty of the town, fueled by the stories it has to tell.

on board we can include a guide, musicians, port wine tasting and pastries to enhance the experience

Private Vintage tram group trips of Porto

For groups  this is an ideal way to discover some of Porto’s most famous sites, learn its history and delve into its culture.

Trips vary from short to long
Short up to 20 minutes
Medium up to 45 minutes
Long up to 90 minutes


Please check route options below.Infante/Museu ou Museu/Infante
>Museu/Carmo ou Carmo/Museu
>Passeio Alegre/Museu ou Museu/Passeio Alegre
>Infante/Passeio Alegre ou Passeio Alegre/Infante
>Infante/Museu/Infante ou Museu/Infante/Museu
>Infante/Museu/Carmo ou Carmo/Museu/Infante
>Infante/Carmo/Infante ou Carmo/Infante/Carmo
>Passeio Alegre/Carmo ou Carmo/Passeio Alegre
>Batalha/Museu ou Museu/Batalha
>Infante/Batalha ou Batalha/Infante

>Infante/Passeio Alegre/Infante ou Passeio Alegre/Infante/Passeio Alegre
>Museu/Batalha/Museu ou Batalha/Museu/Batalha
>Passeio Alegre/Batalha ou Batalha/Passeio Alegre
>Infante/Batalha/Infante ou Batalha/Infante/Batalha
>Passeio Alegre/Batalha/Passeio Alegre ou Batalha/Passeio Alegre/Batalha

Cocktails and finger food possible!

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