Wakeboard Alqueva lake, Alentejo

Water activities Sesimbra SUP, Kite surf, Kayaking

The largest artificial lake in Europe closed its floodgates in 2002. It presents an enviable water plan with about 250km2 of area. We develop in Alqueva trips by boat, canoe, ski, wakeboard and SUP. Fishing is also permitted, with carp, bass, and pike-perch among the most sought after species.

Wakeboard is a water sport practiced with a snowboard board, pulled by a boat. It was invented in the United States and was initially practiced with a surfboard with anchorages. It emerged as an alternative for surfers in the days of little wave. This was how the idea of wakeboarding came about, more precisely in the year 1979, when the North American Tony Finn invented skurfing, the sport’s embryo.

This practice soon became popular all over the world specifically on lakes with still water.
The Alqueva provides the perfect location for wakeboard initiation and practice.

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