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[tab name=”About”] Adega Viuva Gomes is one of the Colares wine makers using the unique Ramisco grape only grown in Colares

Wine tasting, traditional grape-stomping sessions and group dinners and lunches at one of the most renown wine quintas is the Lisbon districts Adega Viuva Gomes

The Colares Wine region was defined in 1908, which makes the second oldest wine region in Portugal.
The vineyards of the Colares region are planted in the dunes between the hills of Sintra and the Atlantic Ocean, from Cabo da Roca until Magoito. It is one of the most beautiful areas in the Lisbon district, close to the world heritage town of Sintra, amazing breathtaking landscapes and the many beaches of Lisbon´s west coast.

Colares is one of the oldest wine production districts in Portugal, going bac to the Roman empire. colares became most famous at the end of the 19th century when it vines proved to be immune to a new and very big threat to wine production arrived in Europe which was the introduction of the Phyllovera insect which the Colares grape managed to conquer thanks to its deep roots in the sandy Colares earth where the insekt could not reach.

Everywhere in Europe, except in this region, the use of the American plant (resistant to the insect) was adopted, grafted with European grape varieties making the Colares grape the only 100% European grape.

The Colares wine grape is therefore one of the most special grapes and you can read more about it´s background on wine searcher
Adega Viuva Gomes was established in 1808 and has earned it´s reputation for exceptional wines.
The quinta has the atmosphere you would expect from a wine producer of this caliber and offers it´s expertise and quality to share with you the culture of wine which is such an inherent aspect of Portuguese culture.

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Wine tasting and the Identification of Flavours

€ 18.00 / per person / minimum group 5
5 Portuguese drinks / glasses
Wines that will be used are red, green wine (Vinho Verdi), port wine, Madeira or Muscatel and a regional liquor.
Upon completion, each participant will be asked to identify what has been proven.

€ 24.00 / per person
Bottling of the wine in which each participant will bottle the wine in the traditional manner and personalize the wine with its own label.

€ 30.00 / per person
Traditional Wine-stomping workshop
Each participant participates in the crushing of the grapes with their feet in the traditional mill
stone or wood barrel (depending on the number of participants)
this activity includes all necessary equipment and the foothwash before and after the stomping. This activity can be great for team events or groups!

The Quinta´s events can be combined with group menu´s starting at 35 euro per person for a minimum group of 20 and for an exceptional meal in a beautiful wine production surrounding. The quinta organizes all types of events and custom events, please esquire using the reservation form.

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