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Indoor Team building activities by Go Discover Portugal

Murder mystery with Go Discover Portugal

Indoor Team building activities by Go Discover Portugal

Planning your group event in Portugal might seem like a challenge but Go Discover will help you with every aspect of it including your team building both indoor and outdoor. Here are some indoor activities to accompany your team meetings and congress in Portugal.

Custom Team Building by Go Discover Portugal

Group size 80 pax upwards

Type indoor team building on location (hotel, meeting, venue, restaurant)

Length 2 – 3 hours

Games: 8 – 20

This team building is the ideal team building for indoors and large groups. Your group is split into teams of 10 – 16 pax

Each team will have to collaborate in solving the puzzles based on escape games.

The games enhance the key skills within your team, such as collaboration, communication, decision-making, problem-solving – and stamina! They can also be a good way for a team to rehearse its response to high-stakes situations and challenging times but they are also fun, varying in difficulty levels and strategies they are a sure way to get everyone involved.

We provide 8 to 20 games depending on group size, preferences, and budget. The length of the team building can vary from 1 to 3 hours. The suggested length is 2 hours plus 30 minutes for the briefing and the award ceremony.

We provide the game master and the jesters to animate, fool and stimulate your teams.

The Games are made up of handmade wooden mechanical puzzles, escape room puzzles, brain teaser puzzles and brain games.

escape games by Go Discover Portugal

Art workshop 

Team building for groups of 20 to 400

Working in teams to create collaborative artwork using paints, collages, and other mixed media materials is a great way to bring out imagination, creativity, and solution-oriented behaviour in your teams. You pick the theme, we provide the materials and the artists who guide this team building. Its starts with an introduction to the materials and working methods and ends with an exhibition of the produced works in which each team presents their art work and gives a brief explanation about it.

This team building is best as a 2 – 2.5 hour team building


Graffiti, mixed media, the work place landscape, team member portraits and more

Dance workshop Teambuilding

groups of 20 – 250
One team or competing teams

Dance workshop team building. Everybody can dance!
This team building is great for medium to large groups to become more familiar and relaxed with each using the simplest form of communication by bodily expression.
This workshop is suitable for all ages and physical capacities. Dance is a nonverbal form of communication and this activity will help build trust and collaboration within teams.

Dancing moves in unison is a valuable way to teach team concepts. It guides your team members to be flexible to change, read each other’s body language, and follow directions.

We provide easy to learn dance moves that do not embarrass participants but strengthen their confidence in others and themselves

Various options are

1. Dance workshop based on 1 type of dance. People learn short choreography and are training leading and following skills with that choreography.

Gains, goals: lighten the atmosphere, bonding, training how to act in an unknown situation, training how to work as a group together even with different skill sets- someone knows how to dance, others don’t.

2. Dance workshop on emotions. Dancing different emotions, different aspects.

Gains, Goals: trains the group to be respectful in dealing with each other. Showing differences and similarities between them. Opening people and bringing them together.

3. Dance/ movement workshop on specific topics: strength, resilience, creativity, developing relationships- better work quality, communication effectiveness, trust compassion, respect, conflict prevention…

Murder Mystery

Team building: Audience participation
Group size: 80 or more

Teams group size 6 -14

The murder mystery can be done at a venue or over dinner, finger food, or lunch and is a theatrical performance including a host and 8 actors.
Your group is divided into teams and each team will be handed the task of solving the mystery enacted. During the acts, the audience will be challenged to play detective, solve riddles and clues and interact with the characters to cross-examine and get information out of them.

As a team building the murder mystery involves participants working together in a group. This exercise tests their problem-solving skills in order to unravel the mystery and identify the murderer.

The interaction with the actors and the theatrical aspects of the murder mystery create a challenging and fun environment in which team members will collaborate and compete with fun.

This team building is available for groups of 80 pax upwards and must be booked at least one month prior to the date.

murder mystery with Go Discover Portugal

Create TV advertisement team building for large groups

This workshop is ideal for large groups in the commercial sector. This team building challenges creativity, product knowledge, pitch development, team collaboration, and visualization. Your group is split into smaller teams that are challenged to create a 1-minute tv commercial accompanied by a professional filming crew and marketing professionals with a set of basic materials to aid in the development of a product and pitch. The commercials are edited by professional editors and presented during a gala dinner with an Oscar celebration of the best commercials.

TV and film team building workshops Portugal

Shark tank 

Large group indoor team building

This activity is half or full day

It consist of teams competing to create the best pitch for a self developed imaginary product. Teams can be 6 to 12 people per team

This activity stimulates creativity, collaboration, communication and the ability to work together. It also manifests leadership skills and managerial ability.

Each team is provided with materials and Each team has to come up with an imaginary product and develop a pitch for it. The pitch must include a brand name, slogan, visual presentation, business plan, marketing plan, financial data. 

They then pitch their ideas on stage and are awarded points by all the other members not in their team

This activity can also be extended with a film workshop in which each team will create an advertisement for their product.

Please note we create activities and team buildings for your group!

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